Marfa Community Cats

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a humane, healthy and effective process of feral cat population control. TNR is being used successfully in small communities like Marfa as well as in large cities around the country.  Our program, Marfa Community Cats, is a joint effort between ROMP, the City of Marfa, local veterinarians, animal shelters and community members. 

Feral cats are humanely trapped and taken to a vet where they are vaccinated against rabies and spayed or neutered.   Cats too wild to be adopted are returned to their colony and their caretakers continue to provide food, water and shelter for them.  Tame kittens and cats are put up for adoption.  Any new cats that move in are also trapped, neutered and returned.  

ROMP can provide vouchers for free spay or neuter and free vaccinations for a colony of feral cats.  We can also provide traps, tools and support to manage the colony.  

See the Marfa Community Cats Program Application below for program requirements and guidelines.  You can complete the application and email it online. Alternatively, you can download, print and mail your completed application to ROMP,  P.O. Box 1456, Marfa, TX 79843.

Marfa Community Cats Info and Colony Caretaker Application

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P.O. Box 1456 . Marfa, TX 79843 . 432-363-4738 .